Camp Salmen Nature Park

Within its 130-acre bounds, Camp Salmen Nature Park in Slidell offers visitors an outdoor observatory rich in natural flora, fauna and birding habitats, as well as a glimpse into its rich history—even legend. Folklore suggests that in the early 1920’s, a young Boy Scout shared his umbrella with Fritz Salmen of the Salmen Brick and Lumber Company, which was once housed at the park. Because the young scout refused to accept a tip, Fritz was inclined to donate a generous tract of land to the Boy Scouts of America, which they used for several decades. 

Today, Camp Salmen is open to the public and thriving. Within miles of nature trails visitors can observe animals such as deer, migratory and residential birds, and numerous reptiles. Lush and abundant plant life offers the curious, budding ecologist, an outdoor classroom. In February of 2013, numerous volunteers partnered with Camp Salmen to help construct the handicap accessible, playground at the park, with playground equipment generously donated by Kids Unlimited.