Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Services Frequently Asked Questions
Can I bring animals to you?
We accept animals from citizens of St. Tammany Parish.
Do you euthanize animals?
We accept all animals and make every effort to find new homes for each one. If an animal poses a danger to public safety due to behavior or has a dire medical issue, the animal may have to be euthanized.
What animals are required to be licensed?
All animals are required to wear tags.
Licenses are good for one year and should be renewed annually.
For questions or to receive a license by mail contact 985.809.0183
What is the age requirement for a license?
All animals three months and older.
What vaccinations are required for licensing?
Rabies - veterinary proof is required.I
f the animal is spayed/neutered, fee is $8.00. If the animal is NOT spayed/neutered, fee is $20.00.
Who qualifies for fee exempt registrations?
Police, Sheriff’s Department or other law enforcement, Seeing-Eye dogs and Licensed veterinary, vet or clinic animals in conduct of business.
What happens to the animals during an emergency event such as a tropical storm or hurricane?

If no evacuation order has been made, staff labeled as emergency personnel will stay with the animals in the shelter throughout the event.

If an evacuation order has been made, or a decision from the Director of Animal Services or the Parish President has declared that animals staying in the shelter would be unsafe during the storm – animals will be transported to a shelter outside of the storm’s path.

How can I help the animals in the shelter?
Sign up to become a foster
Spay and neuter your pets