Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President, Continues Unyielding Effort to Achieve Priority Status for I-12

Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President, Continues Unyielding Effort to Achieve Priority Status for I-12

Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President, remains unrelenting in her efforts to have the safety and infrastructure needs of St. Tammany prioritized by the State. In a written response to the Parish President’s letter sent last week asking the governor to have the widening of I-12 moved up in the priority list of State projects, Governor Edwards indicated funding issues must be resolved before the State can move the project to the top of their priority list.

Brister said, “Neither I, nor the people of St. Tammany care who is to blame for the delay.  The people of St. Tammany expect action to prevent further tragedies and to give commuters peace of mind.”

“Spending by the State over the last four years is a reflection on the previous administration,” said Brister, “however, planning, designing and programming funding for the future, is a reflection on the current administration. We want this widening project to become a priority for our Governor, leaders in State government and the State Legislature. This matter must be free of political retribution.”

Brister went on to say, “For years, we have tirelessly pressed the State and LADOTD to make this expansion a priority, and we will continue to insist that the groundbreaking timeline be moved up to 2019. We are eager to work with anyone who can help us make this project a reality as soon as possible. We will continue to have an open dialogue and a good working relationship with LADOTD. But make no mistake, this project is a priority and I am committed to convincing the State and Federal Governments of the same.”

Brister said she would continue her discussions with the Parish’s Congressional Delegation, as well as its State Legislators, to make this expansion a priority and to acquire the funding to make it a reality. She also expressed her appreciation of the efforts of LADOTD Secretary Shawn Wilson in his exploration of short-term solutions to make drivers more aware of road conditions. 

Additionally, Brister is asking that residents join her in her efforts by contacting our State leaders and ask them to prioritize the I-12 widening project in St. Tammany Parish. St. Tammany Parish citizens can help in this effort by calling the Governor’s Office at 225-342-7015.


Editor’s note: Please follow this link to view a short video, which will be distributed widely via email, posted on social media sites and played extensively on the Parish’s access television channel.


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