St. Tammany First Parish Government in the State of Louisiana to Partner with Local Communities to Complete U.S. Census Boundary Annexation Survey

St. Tammany First Parish Government in the State of Louisiana to Partner with Local Communities to Complete U.S. Census Boundary Annexation Survey

Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President, applauded the work of the St. Tammany Parish Government Geographical Information Systems (GIS) team in their collaboration with five local communities, who do not have GIS capabilities, to complete the U.S. Census Bureau’s Boundary Annexation Survey (BAS).  As the first Parish Government in the State of Louisiana to collaborate with the Census Bureau through the Consolidated BAS Agreement, the Parish assisted four local communities in completing the required mapping of their municipal boundaries.  The St. Tammany Parish GIS team met personally with the Mayors, or their designees, in the towns of Abita Springs, Pearl River, Madisonville and the Village of Folsom.  The boundary work in the Village of Sun is still in progress. 

The work involved assessing boundary issues, creating reusable maps of record, and establishing clean and accurate boundary lines. Using electronic GIS capabilities, St. Tammany Parish Government was able to provide this service at no cost to the local communities. The benefits of establishing accurate boundaries include an accurate population count that helps to determine the allocation of revenue by the U.S. Census.  The Census estimates that for every individual added to the population of a jurisdiction, that municipality receives over $2,100 in additional federal funds that go to schools, roads and other critical needs.  One example of how an accurate population count benefits St Tammany Parish residents.

“We already have this capability, so when the time came for this survey — completed every ten years — we offered our GIS services to community leaders because it helps them to establish accurate numbers, but it also helps us for future planning,” said Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President. “St. Tammany Parish is once again a pacesetter as the first Parish in Louisiana to partner with the Census and our local communities in this survey.”

The U.S. Census estimates the population of St. Tammany Parish at 256,327 , as of July 2017. Read more about the U.S. Census Bureau’s BAS here.


The Department of Technology is responsible for the support of all electronic and computer functions of Parish Government and the maintenance of a secure and recoverable technical environment to ensure the delivery of information and services to the community and Parish workers. As a division of the Department of Technology — Geographic Information Systems (GIS) — provides maps and graphics by compiling and analyzing geographic data from various sources. GIS is also responsible for continuous database updates. Archive Management—also a division of the Department of Technology— department plans and develops archival collections. In addition they also advise and assist researchers in the application of archival materials in research activities, and recommend pertinent materials available in libraries, private collections, or other sources for inclusion in archives.




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