St. Tammany Parish Government Demonstrates Good Stewardship of Taxpayer Dollars

St. Tammany Parish citizens are reaping the dividends from their Parish Government’s modernization over the last six years. Taxpayers will see an estimated $1.45M decrease in property taxes paid to run Parish Government in 2017, with the decision by Parish President Pat Brister and the Parish Council to keep taxes lower for residents.

Parish Government has changed and upgraded its use of technology, and realized efficiencies and cost savings through revamping its organizational structure. All while trying to keep pace with the Parish’s explosive growth, and the demands to do more with less.

“The responsibility and privilege of public service involves the good stewardship of taxpayer dollars, and as such we continue to work every day to fulfill that responsibility, and respect that privilege in every fiscal decision we make,” said Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President. “We will continue to provide services to our residents in the most efficient, cost-effective ways possible, and more importantly, to give our residents the most value for their tax dollars.”

For another year, ad valorem tax millage rates in St. Tammany Parish Government will remain at the rolled back rate adopted by the St. Tammany Parish Council. The estimated savings to taxpayers earned by keeping the millage rates in place, is estimated to be approximately $2.9 million over a two-year period.

The assessed ad valorem tax millage rate to run Parish Government is 7.25. These funds are allocated to general government, drainage maintenance, Public Health, and the St. Tammany Parish Animal Shelter.

Additionally, Parish Government, through responsible fiscal management, earned a Triple A (AAA) Bond rating from Standard and Poors in 2015, and continues to have one of the highest and most favorable bond ratings of Parish Governments in the State.


The St. Tammany Parish Council plans to adopt the resolution to establish these rates at the July 13, 2017 Parish Council Meeting.


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