St. Tammany Parish Government Launches Interactive Informational Page on Ongoing Infrastructure Initiatives

Residents of St. Tammany can now utilize an interactive map on the newly launched Progress page, at This map pinpoints infrastructure projects that are in the works, near completion, or have recently culminated, as well as information on several other larger initiatives that will impact roadways and drainage that are currently underway, or prepared to launch. Collaborative initiatives with other agencies will also be included. Visitors can click on the icons featured in the map, and learn about what is happening at that location, how far along the project is, and what the expected end date will be.

“Your Parish Government works daily to put your tax dollars to their best use, to ensure that our infrastructure is sound — to facilitate the needs of our residents, to welcome new growth, and to accommodate economic development,” said Pat Brister, St. Tammany Parish President. “Progress does take time, but we want residents to know that this work on the foundational needs of St. Tammany is ongoing in how we handle scheduled maintenance, road and drainage improvements, and the implementation of new projects as needed.”

Every day, St. Tammany Parish Government Maintains 4348 Parish Roadways (equivalent to 1548 miles of roads), 1208 lateral ditches, 64 detention ponds, 144 bridges. In 2016, St. Tammany Parish Government paved nearly 150,000 linear feet of roadways.

For more information on these and future infrastructure projects, visit