St. Tammany Parish Government, under the leadership of Parish President Mike Cooper, works hard every day to improve this Parish's infrastructure. Making roads smoother, clearing drainage, improving our streets while making them safer, is what we're good at doing! The Parish continues to make improving our roads and drainage a top priority, year in and year out. The map below is a graphical depiction of what's happening now, and as projects get completed and as infrastructure is improved, the map will be updated with all the great accomplishments our team members achieve.


Road Project Open
Road Project Closed
Drainage Project Open
Drainage Project Closed


  • Mill and Overlay- a street maintenance technique where  the top layer (2 inches) of a street is removed by the grinding of a large milling machine. After the top layer is removed, a new layer of asphalt is put in its place.
  • Patch and Overlay- a street maintenance technique that requires smaller specific areas of a road be patched with asphalt, where there is degradation, but not a base failure (base failure = pothole). The road then receives a new top layer of asphalt.
  • Beautification- a project that improves the visual aesthetics of a right-a-way, roundabout or intersection, through plantings signage, wayfinding, lighting, etc.
  • Drainage- work designed to alleviate areas of excess water during or after a rain event. This work could entail a variety of work such as cleaning out ditches of plant life, digging out sediment from ditches, larger culverts, placement of catch basins, etc


St. Tammany Proud Channel

St. Tammany PROUD - Our Progress from Access St. Tammany on Vimeo. Watch the St. Tammany Proud Channel here.

Road Progress Part 1


Road Improvements West from Access St. Tammany on Vimeo.


Road Improvements1 from Access St. Tammany on Vimeo.


Road Progress Video 2


Road Improvements East from Access St. Tammany on Vimeo.
Roads Improvements2 from Access St. Tammany on Vimeo.



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