An Occupational License

Steps to Start a Business in St. Tammany Parish

Pre-Application Meeting (optional), Department of Planning & Development: 985-898-2529

The intent of the pre-application meeting is to prepare applicants for the permitting process and provide technical guidance to assist them in determining which regulations may apply and what steps must be taken in order to obtain approvals.

Please note that the scope of your project will determine which step you will need to take to obtain a permit to operate a business.

Information needed to determine the type of permit required

Operate a business out of my home.
1. Obtain a Home Office/Occupation Application - Department of Planning & Development: 985-898-2529.

2. Submit the following items:
   1. Notarized Signature on Application Form
   2. Recorded copy of Deed/Title and legible typed legal description.
   3. One-time fee in the amount of $25.

3. Review of the application & issuance of approval letter.

4. Business Owner submit approval letter to the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office to apply for the Occupational license (985-726-7790). (Note: Annual Occupational License fees are paid to the Sheriff’s Office)

Once you have completed all the steps for the type of permit needed and have your approval letter from the Department of Planning & Development, you can complete the process with the St. Tammany Sherriff’s Office.


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