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The Department of Engineering is responsible for providing professional support services for capital projects and development in St. Tammany Parish. To meet these responsibilities, the Department of Engineering is separated into two divisions: Capital Projects Division and Development Division.

Capital Projects Division

The Department of Engineering Capital Projects Division is responsible for the oversight and administration of transportation, drainage and other capital projects throughout St. Tammany Parish. The Capital Projects Division provides a range of engineering services that support the Parish’s infrastructure needs, including:

  • Engineering design of capital projects from conceptual to final design
  • Project management of capital projects through the planning, design and construction phases
  • Drainage engineering including drainage complaints processing and stream gauge monitoring
  • Traffic engineering including the evaluation of stop signs and other traffic evaluation requests
  • Bridge engineering; including inspecting 145 parish-maintained bridges
  • Planning and development of major capital projects
  • Quality control and inspection of capital projects
  • Surveying support for capital projects and public works operations
  • Coordinates with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and the Regional Planning Commission on their projects within St. Tammany Parish

2024 Capital Improvement Plan Supplement

The Department of Engineering has prepared a supplement to the 2024 Proposed Budget and 2025-2028 Capital Improvement Plan. This supplement provides an overview of all parish-wide road and drainage projects that are being requested in the FY 2024 Proposed Budget, as well as, the statuses of ongoing projects that will continue into FY 2024. This informative document can be found at the following:


2024 Capital Improvement Plan Supplement (Adopted Budget Version)

2024 Capital Improvement Plan Supplement (Proposed Budget Version)


If you have any questions concerning capital project, please reach out to the Department of Engineering at 985-898-2552 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Development Division

The Department of Engineering Development Division is responsible for the review of private sector commercial and residential development to ensure that new developments and permitted construction are designed as provided for in the St. Tammany Parish Development Code, Subdivision Ordinance and other applicable regulations. Development reviews performed by this division include:

  • Commercial Permits, including associated Traffic Impact Analysis and Drainage Impact Studies
  • Land Clearing Permits
  • Major Subdivisions, including associated Traffic Impact Analysis and Drainage Impact Studies
  • Minor Subdivisions and Re-subdivisions
  • Acts of Correction/Subdivision Amendments
  • Enter the Parish R.O.W.

In addition to plan reviews, the Development Division performs additional activities to supplement the plan reviews including:

  • Public posting of subdivision cases for the Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Periodic site inspections to confirm compliance with Code


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